Image Cleanup With Optimization and Highlighting
The bulk of our work requires a straightforward cleaning up and optimizing radiology images
Basic Illustration
When appropriate we make basic illustrations which will not add significantly to the turn around time or cost of the job
Custom Medical Illustration
When necessary we provide custom medical illustration
Medical Animation
We also provide medical animation
Medical Image Research
We also provide medical image research to give your legal team and medical experts a starting point when planning your case

Providing expertise to national and international legal clients for over 17 years, at a surprisingly low price point.

The result is that medical images — which are often at the center of your case — are presented in the clearest, most understandable way so that you and your medical experts can best make your case.

We have produced demonstratives for hundreds of cases and jury verdicts on many cases have exceeded $100 million. ....
What we do works.


  • Courtroom Exhibits / Demonstratives
  • Presentations, including PowerPoint
  • Charts & Graphs Illustration
  • Image Processing
  • Site Photography
  • Basic Illustration
  • Animation
  • Image Cleanup With Optimization and Highlighting
  • Medical Image Research
  • Custom Medical Illustration
  • Image Licensing